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From Shale Oil and Gas Business Magazine, July/August 2014.

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A Women's Retreat:  Guided Imagery

Glenda Cedarleaf leads a women's retreat with guided imagery, relaxation, visualization, and guided meditation at Tepoztlan-Vacation-Rentals.  October 21 - 23, 2011.

Tepoztlan - Canada Annual Festival

See information concerning the annual Mexio - Canada Cultural Festival held in Tepoztlan in February annually. Also, see a short video on this festival.

La Sombra del Sabino

A new bookstore with books in English and Spanish.  Also has a relaxing coffeehouse with special events on a regular basis such as presentations by authors and artists.  Storytelling for children every Saturday.  Conveniently located in Tepoztlan.

Golf Courses

This link contains basic information about two golf courses within 20 minutes from Hacienda Clemente Jacques and Villa San Clementito.  Warning:  website address changes regularly----we try to keep up as best we can.

Toltec Heart Wisdom Teachings

Live a fuller and happier life through Luis Molinar's Toltec Heart Wisdom Teachings.  Some of his conferences are held at Tepoztlan-Vacation-Rentals.

Cocinar Mexicano

Looking for master level classes in Mexican cooking?  Cocinar Mexicano offers classes in Tepoztlan that have been acclaimed by O Magazine, Epicurious, Newsweek and Frommer's.  Some events are held at Hacienda Clemente Jacques.

Chockful of information about Tepoztlan.  Website currently in Spanish only. 

Mexico Real Estate

Real estate in Mexico, with a particular emphasis on Acapulco, from Judith Buenrostro Bouchard.  English spoken.

Catering AND Event Planning

Catering and Event Planning from Spice Mexico and IntrendNext.

The biggest online birding community.


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U.S. Phone:  (505) 715-6603


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